Lighthouse Program

The Lighthouse provides prevention and diversion services for high risk, Wayne County, adjudicated children and youth ages 7-17 years of age. The Lighthouse serves 50 children and youth each year. We are committed to providing innovative and community-based services to children, adults and families while promoting total wellness with an emphasis on motivating, educating and developing children and youth.
we provide

  • Emergency shelter, nutritious food, laundry services, individual and group counseling, child therapy, personal needs, child care services, legal and sexual advocacy, age appropriate support groups, referrals to community based programs, transportation for children and youth
  • 24 hour crisis intervention
  • Life Skills, mentoring and self-help training for children and youth
  • Job development and placement and Internships in business sector.
  • Child development activities, including individual counseling for children, crisis intervention, art therapy, supervised child care, parenting skills, tutoring, recreational activities, school placement, field trips, peer activities
  • Legal Advocacy, accompanying victims to court and related criminal and civil hearings, education and training workshops on domestic violence and sexual assault.

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